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Public Safety for ALL

Unlike Tiffany Caban who wants to abolish the NYPD, I care about our communities safety. I understand that we need more law enforcement officers in our streets, subways and parks. To fight crime, I would assist NYPD with resident outreach to boost community coordination with our officers. Here are my public safety priorities if elected to City Hall:


No matter how you commute, you deserve to feel safe.

I will work with NYPD to increase law enforcement in the streets & subways, as pedestrians and bikers are regularly left at risk. Illegal or neglectful drivers or ATVs wreak havoc on our streets and victimize pedestrians or bikers.  We can’t afford for more people to be victimized at the hands of dangerous/neglectful drivers, regardless of vehicle type. I will work with all stakeholders to restore civility in our street.

Our communities need more law enforcement officers, traffic safety officers, school safety officers and crossing guards.

The 114 Precinct reports that summons in our areas are up 120% year to date. Major crime arrests are up by 20%. Felonies and school violence has seen an uptick, all while Caban wants safety officers out of schools. Repeat offenders, including shoplifters harass and rob business owners more commonly, leaving our shopping and restaurant hubs at risk. Instead of calling for the abolishment of the NYPD, I will work with our precinct and local business owners to assure the safety needs are being consistently met. This is why my first priority will be increasing law enforcement throughout our communities. 

I will work with NYPD to be proactive in preventing hate crimes.

No one should worry about their safety because of how they look or where they come from. Whether you're headed to school or going to work, you deserve to commute without fear of attackNo longer will we diminish NYPD funding in their efforts to prevent violent or hate crimes.

I will demand more funding to help the homeless and/or emotionally disturbed individuals off the streets and into proper health care facilities - with a priority of housing homeless children.

Homeless people and/or emotionally disturbed person(s) are too often a danger to themselves and others. There is no compassion in allowing homeless people to stay on dangerous  streets. Let's not forget, new migrant arrivals were given multiple housing options at the cost of taxpayers. Why did City Hall fail to prioritize the mentally ill who live on the streets before housing new arrivals to our city?

Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDPs) must be sheltered in proper mental health care facilities. Not warehoused in unsafe shelters. 

In City Hall, I will provide homeless folks with true housing options, and access to occupational trainings. I will also assist and work with charities to promote community programs that work to feed the homeless, or assist them to safe shelters. 


There are 22,419 homeless children in NYC—a record high thats up more than 51% since Mayor Adams took office at the start of 2022.

Homeless youth deserve immediate care and housing options that are equipped with proper therapy and health care professionals. Finding solutions to safe foster care options requires more city and state cooperation. Despite their failures in caring for the homeless, I will take all actions to make sure no homeless youth or teen is left on the street. This is unjust, as funding for the new migrant arrivals was made immediate by City Hall. Taking care of existing homeless children is not a priority in City Hall.  This must change.


The Administration for Children’s Services, NYC's child welfare agency reveals that the homeless youth in the city's foster care system are in need of more health care resources.

These young homeless individuals are faced with abusive group homes, and too often end up homeless as a result of the abusive conditions. This is unjust to those who are left behind by a system plagued with improper allocations of funds and corruption. If elected, I will work with local housing charities, youth health experts and homeless children themselves to create a bridge to safe housing and access to safe shelter and medical professionals. Abusive conditions in shelters were more commonly experienced by LGBT homeless youth, as revealed in a study the Administration for Children's Services, which can be read HERE.​ 40% of EDPs in NYC identify as LGBTQ.

Like you, I’m tired of seeing our neighbors struggle to get by, or feel unsafe in their own communities. While our careless City Councilwoman focuses on abolishing NYPD, I will work with all stakeholders to revive our community for all.


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